Affordable housing providers are always looking for ways to manage operating and maintenance costs while ensuring a comfortable environment for their residents. Energy bills can have a significant impact on monthly expenses, but the good news is that natural gas costs can be controlled.

With the Affordable Housing Multi-Residential Conservation Program from Enbridge Gas, customers can apply for incentives to help them make the most of the energy they consume. That’s what happened recently with Peel Region’s municipal housing.

Peel Living manages 70 properties, including a six storey seniors’ building on Queen Frederica in Mississauga. Built in 1970, the building’s hot water heating system was using radiators that were poorly insulated and consuming more gas than necessary, wasting energy and money. Enbridge Gas recommended installing Novitherm Heat Reflector Panels to significantly improve occupancy comfort while reducing energy costs.

Available free of charge to affordable housing providers, the panels are installed between the radiators and the cold exterior wall and reflect heat to improve overall indoor comfort.

“The installation went very well and the energy savings were felt almost immediately,” explains Ida Wong, Resident Property Manager, Region of Peel. “We reduced the boiler water temperature by 5 to 10°F after the panels were installed.”

Feedback from the residents has been positive with tenant comfort improved due to heat gain. “We were very happy with the way Enbridge Gas worked with our energy department, guiding us through every step. They helped keep things moving,” adds Ida.

Low-Flow Showerheads are also available free of charge through the Affordable Housing Program. New showerheads are installed in every eligible apartment to save water and reduce both natural gas usage and water costs.

In addition, Enbridge Gas offers Custom and Fixed Incentives to help implement energy-saving retrofits. Building owners planning capital improvements may be eligible for a one-time retrofit incentive of up to $200,000.

Retrofit projects that result in gas savings must be completed by December 31 to qualify for financial incentives. Interested? Call your Energy Solutions Consultant at 1-866-844-9994 or visit