Affordable housing providers face many challenges, including tight budgets and limited financial support. The good news is energy efficiency is one of the best long-term investments they can make to save money, protect from rising heating costs, and help the environment.

Energy efficiency retrofits can help reduce operations and maintenance costs, particularly in older buildings, and have an immediate impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Mechanical ventilation systems (fans, heat recovery ventilators, and air exchangers on heating systems) circulate the internal air as well as expel unwanted moisture and other pollutants. Properly sized high-efficiency furnaces or boilers use less energy to heat buildings and, by controlling the air flow throughout the building, minimize the occurrences of hot and cold spots across all rooms.

In addition to improving the bottom line for affordable housing providers, energy efficiency building improvements can help to create healthier indoor air quality and more comfortable living environments for everyone, especially seniors and families.

Enbridge Gas offers Custom and Fixed Incentives as well as no-cost programs to help qualified building owners make energy efficiency upgrades. Upgrades to high-efficiency and condensing boilers, improving boiler controls, and improving ventilation controls are all eligible for financial incentives.

Building owners planning capital improvements may be eligible for a one-time retrofit incentive of up to $200,000.

There are also free in-suite incentives like Novitherm Heat Reflector Panels and Low-Flow Showerheads, which Enbridge Gas supplies and installs at no charge in every unit.

Interested in managing your energy costs? Apply for the Affordable Housing Program.  Retrofit projects must be completed by December 31 to qualify for financial incentives. Call your Energy Solutions Consultant at 1-866-844-9994 or email to get started.