A generous incentive program is helping to increase the energy efficiency of affordable housing in Enbridge Gas’ service area by offsetting the costs of retrofits.

The Affordable Housing Multi-Residential Conservation Program offered by Enbridge Gas helps building owners upgrade or replace inefficient, aging equipment. Typically, older equipment operates at 60% efficiency, compared to 85% or better for new equipment. As well as costing more to operate, old equipment is at risk of breaking down and incurring emergency costs.

With financial incentives available from Enbridge Gas, affordable housing providers can invest in high-efficiency equipment and reduce their payback period with ongoing energy-efficiency savings.

Looking to maximize your energy efficiency? Apply for and receive generous incentives for upgrading to high-efficiency boilers, domestic hot water tanks, and make-up air units.

Ongoing operational savings

Recently, a Toronto social housing building had its hot water tanks and heating boilers replaced for $22,000. The building qualified through the Affordable Housing Program for an incentive of $8,378. The building now runs efficiently, tenant comfort is improved, and the owner is saving over $7,000 a year in operational costs.

Across the city, a high rise multi-residential facility received an incentive of $28,883 towards the cost of $119,000 to replace its older boilers and hot water tanks. Since installing the new equipment, the building owners are reporting operational savings of almost $25,000 annually.

Another affordable housing provider replaced his make-up air units with high efficiency equipment at a cost of $63,490. By applying and qualifying for the Affordable Housing Program, he received $3,619 in incentives and now saves over $3,000 a year in running costs.

Start with an energy audit

Capital improvements that reduce the gas consumption of a building are eligible for a variety of financial incentives, including a one-time energy saving retrofit incentive of up to $200,000.

Do an energy audit and receive either half the cost back, up to $5,000 per building, or $0.01/m3 of gas consumed in the last calendar year, whichever is less.

Interested in saving energy and money? We’ll determine your eligibility for the program, help you to apply, and submit the required documents. Call your Energy Solutions Consultant at 1-866-844-9994 or email energyservices@enbridge.com to get started.