Enbridge Gas is encouraging – and rewarding – affordable housing providers who improve energy efficiency in their buildings. The goal of the Affordable Housing Multi-Residential Conservation Program is to help businesses reduce operating and energy costs while increasing tenant comfort.

Recently, a retrofit helped an affordable housing provider in Toronto save 6,000 m³ in natural gas annually and reduced their annual natural gas costs by $1,500. An energy audit by Enbridge Gas of the building’s aging rooftop ventilators had revealed unnecessarily high energy consumption for space heating and cooling.

With an incentive from the Affordable Housing Program, new rooftop ventilation units were installed, indoor air quality was improved, and the ongoing energy savings are helping to pay down the cost of the upgrade.

Another housing manager in the GTA worked with Enbridge Gas to install cost savings adjustments to the building’s boiler system. Completing the project resulted in natural gas savings of 27,230 m³ per year and annual bill savings of over $5,000. The building owner also received an incentive of $1,500 towards the cost of the project.

Custom and Fixed Incentives

“Enbridge Gas has a number of Custom and Fixed incentives to help affordable housing providers with the costs of installing energy-efficient equipment and improving the energy efficiency of their buildings,” explains Energy Solutions Consultant Cam Black. “New and retrofitted applications such as boilers and building and process controls will help reduce natural gas consumption.”

An energy audit is a good place to start to understand how energy is being used in your building. An incentive covers up to 50% of the cost of an energy audit, which will help to identify opportunities to reduce operating costs and improve performance.

In addition to financial incentives, Enbridge offers free in-suite incentives, like low-flow showerheads and heat reflectors.

“The radiators and baseboard convectors in apartments work hard to keep residents warm and comfortable,” explains Cam. “We help reduce energy use by providing heat reflectors in every unit.”

Novitherm™ Heat Reflector Panels reflect heat being lost behind the unit back into the suite. The reflectors are professionally installed and maintenance free. If your building qualifies, heat reflectors will be provided to every apartment in your building at no charge.

Talk to Enbridge Gas about energy efficiency programs for affordable housing and how you can take advantage of enhanced incentives on energy-efficient equipment and upgrades. Call your Energy Solutions Consultant at 1-866-844-9994 or email energyservices@enbridge.com to get started.