Faced with the challenge of rising energy costs, today’s affordable housing providers are taking advantage of financial incentives to save energy and money.

Enbridge Gas’ Affordable Housing Multi-Residential Conservation Program is designed to help housing providers make improvements in their buildings to reduce natural gas consumption. Studies find that both residents and building owners can reap direct benefits from energy efficiency upgrades.

Recently, a 16 storey building in Scarborough was assessed and approved for a cash incentive to assist with paying for capital improvements on the building.

“When Enbridge Gas told us we could save energy and receive an incentive for making capital improvements, we decided to proceed,” explains Property Manager Suriya Lathia. “Our boilers were replaced with new high-efficiency equipment.”

At more than 40 years old, the building’s two domestic hot water heaters and eight heating boilers had fallen far behind more efficient models available today.

By replacing the aging units, the building saves approximately $60,000 in annual natural gas costs. “The project was completed on time and the installation went well,” adds Suriya. “We now have three new boilers doing the work of ten old ones. The entire process was trouble-free.”

Enbridge Gas has a range of financial incentives to help affordable housing providers implement energy-saving retrofits. Building owners planning capital improvements may be eligible for a one-time retrofit incentive of up to $200,000.

Retrofit projects include upgrading to high-efficiency and condensing boilers, improving boiler controls, and improving ventilation controls. Free in-suite incentives are also available and include Novitherm Heat Reflector Panels and Low-Flow Showerheads, installed free of charge in every unit.

Saving energy through energy efficiency improvements can cost less than generating, transmitting, and distributing energy from power plants, and provides many economic and environmental benefits.

Upgrade your building by investing in efficient equipment and enjoy long-term financial benefits while improving tenant comfort.

Retrofit projects that result in gas savings must be completed by December 31 to qualify for financial incentives. Interested? Call your Energy Solutions Consultant at 1-866-844-9994 or visit enbridgegas.com/affordablehousing.