Looking for ways to add value to your property while improving your bottom line? With energy costs rising, energy efficiency is the best way for affordable housing providers to cut natural gas use and save money.

But there’s more.

Improving energy efficiency in multi-residential housing increases indoor comfort for residents. Enhancing indoor air quality can help reduce noise and odours from outside, which is significant for those susceptible to poor air quality.

Just ask the residents at Dorothy Klein Seniors Housing in Toronto, whose comfort has improved thanks to the Enbridge Gas Affordable Housing Multi-Residential Conservation Program. Their building had an aging Make-Up Air Unit which was struggling to bring fresh outdoor air into the building and remove exhaust air.

After conducting a building assessment, Enbridge Gas helped to offset the cost of installing newer packaged Make-Up Air Units which provided high efficiency. The condensing boilers feature modulating control to provide Make-Up Air at a constant temperature.

“The constant fresh air keeps pressure steady in the building. There is less humidity, less risk of mold,” explains Property Manager Derek Brovold.

Adding a variable frequency drive (VFD) to the supply fan for the Make-Up Air Unit allowed a decrease in fan speed during non-peak times without sacrificing occupant comfort. “Significant savings were realized when the fan cycled down overnight during the winter.”

Enbridge Gas offers incentives for a variety of retrofits including upgrading to high-efficiency and condensing boilers, improving boiler controls, and improving ventilation controls. If you’re planning capital improvements, you may be eligible to receive a one-time retrofit incentive of up to $200,000.

Free in-suite incentives include the replacement of standard showerheads with Low-Flow Showerheads, supplied and installed at no cost. Novitherm Heat Reflector Panels are also provided and installed free of charge. The reflector panels are designed to reduce heat loss and improve comfort.

Retrofit projects that result in gas savings must be completed by December 31 to qualify for financial incentives. Interested? Call your Energy Solutions Consultant at 1-866-844-9994 or visit enbridgegas.com/affordablehousing.