Energy Efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of Simcoe County social housing

Enbridge Gas recognizes that upgrading the energy efficiency of social housing and improving living conditions for residents has become a key mandate for municipalities across Ontario.

Our Affordable Housing Multi-Residential Program offers financial incentives to help identify and implement energy efficiency initiatives and is designed to […]

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When is “the right time” to replace building equipment?

Replacing gas equipment in multi-residential buildings can lead to enormous benefits, including lower annual costs, reduced energy use, increased occupant comfort, and fewer disruptive repairs. Enbridge’s financial incentives can help you upgrade, but how do you know when it’s the right time to invest in […]

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Building efficiency: a resolution worth keeping

There’s nothing like a new year to take stock and make positive changes. Studies show that investment in more efficient energy technologies is the most cost-effective way of curbing the growth in demand for fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants.

Energy-efficient buildings […]

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Improving energy efficiency reduces carbon emissions

When you save energy, the financial value isn’t limited to your utility bills. Saving energy also makes a real-world impact in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

With greenhouse gas emissions on the rise, it is critical that energy consumption is reduced to achieve emissions targets in […]

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Improving energy efficiency in affordable housing

Enbridge Gas Distribution is encouraging – and rewarding – affordable housing providers who improve energy efficiency in their buildings. The goal of the Affordable Housing Program is to help businesses reduce operating and energy costs while increasing tenant comfort.

Recently, a retrofit helped an affordable […]

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Protecting the bottom line – and the environment

Affordable housing providers face many challenges, including tight budgets and limited financial support. The good news is energy efficiency is one of the best long-term investments they can make to save money, protect from rising heating costs, and help the environment.

Energy efficiency retrofits can help […]

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Energy efficiency incentives for Affordable Housing

Looking for ways to add value to your property while improving your bottom line? With energy costs rising, energy efficiency is the best way for affordable housing providers to cut natural gas use and save money.

But there’s more.

Improving energy efficiency in multi-residential housing increases indoor […]

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Energy efficiency upgrades gain long-term benefits

Faced with the challenge of rising energy costs, today’s affordable housing providers are taking advantage of financial incentives to save energy and money.

Enbridge Gas Distribution’s Affordable Housing Program is designed to help housing providers make improvements in their buildings to reduce natural gas consumption. […]

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